Demolition set for former Yacht Haven Hotel, St. Thomas

Regarded as an eye-sore to many USVI residents and visitors, demolition of former Yacht Haven Hotel is scheduled to Begin March 13. One ferry Captain carrying guests from the Marriott to town on St. Thomas said; “This is long overdue, when you think about the number of passengers arriving on cruise ships you really think they would have made this move sooner”.
The demolition of the former Yacht Haven Hotel, scheduled for completion in approximately five months, marks the beginning of the revitalisation of St.Thomas’ Long Bay area.

Upon completion, the new complex will include a marina, guest accommodations, retail space, a public park and amphitheatre, as well as a walkway linking the Yacht Haven area with downtown Charlotte Amalie.

The combined facilities are expected to employ approximately 600
persons permanently and generate an estimated US$1.8 million in annual payroll taxes.