Rainbow Goes Digital with OTRUM

Rainbow Hotels in Norway embrace the latest interactive TV technology and strengthen their partnership with OTRUM. Rainbow Hotels have 37 hotels in Norway and are part of Golden Tulip Worldwide, who have more than 275 hotels, in 200 destinations and 46 countries.

Rainbow Hotels and OTRUM have been co-operating over a long time period, and as the hospitality market begins to stabilise it is a prime opportunity to confirm what is already widely accepted - that OTRUM is the number one choice for Rainbow Hotels.

In a competitive environment it is vital to bring an extra element to the guest, and Rainbow Hotels will do so through widespread use of the OTRUM Digital Video Server and TV channels supplied through OTRUM. Additionally, three Rainbow Hotels will benefit from the installation of a new OTRUM interactive TV system.

Mr. Morten Thorvaldsen of Rainbow Hotels comments, “Keeping up to date with technology can be challenging and costly, but with OTRUM we have found a solution that really works and covers all of our expenses. Results from our pilot hotel showed an increase in revenue from interactive services of over 30% - a fact that we could not ignore. Also by having a supplier that provides all services under one umbrella, Rainbow Hotels achieve a significant benefit. When existing agreements with other interactive TV suppliers expire, we will contact OTRUM’s one-stop-shop for all our interactive needs - systems, movies, channels and service.”

The OTRUM Digital Video Server will be installed into 17 hotels in Norway in this phase, OTRUM’s modular approach allows hotels to retrofit this technology at any time. OTRUM’s Digital Video Server turns each guest room into a private cinema, utilising digital formats OTRUM ensures that each time a movie is watched it will be of pristine quality. Delivering the widest range of recent blockbuster movies, to suit all tastes, is what sets OTRUM apart from the competition. OTRUM has agreements in place with top Hollywood film studios for the provision of movies and this guarantees that the guest’s experience is unforgettable.


Mr. Fredd Causevic, President & CEO of OTRUM, states, “We are very pleased that Rainbow Hotels have chosen OTRUM technology to shape their future. OTRUM has achieved it’s market leading position through solid and well-proven technology. OTRUM excels at bringing Internet to the guest room, as well as providing a multitude of services designed to make the guest’s stay more enjoyable.”

Over half of the Rainbow Hotels in Norway now benefit from OTRUM interactive TV systems, and after these installations all hotels will have digital movies. The effect on operational efficiency and revenue generation will be seen on a daily basis. Rainbow Hotels will also take advantage of the opportunity to customise their new interactive systems, making use of the company logo and corporate colours to brand the user interface.