The World’s Premium Dry Water Massage System Just Got Better

The enhanced spa version of the popular Aqua Massage System is here. They have kept many of the features that people love about the popular Aqua Massage System and put them into a sleek and attractive space saving unit. Also included is an aromatherapy and sound system for the ultimate relaxation experience. For ease of use, it utilises touch screen technology and an optional Profiler System to provide the ultimate experience.
Experience the ultimate automated massage system. It divides your body length into 12 equal zones. Pressure and pulsation frequency are independently and automatically adjusted over each zone. This allows you to aggressively work the areas that need it most, while gently massaging the areas that don’t. You can permanently store up to 100 personalized massage profiles and easily recall them with only the touch of a button. Choose the massage that best suits you and let the profiler work its magic while you relax and dream.

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