St. Kitts Marriott Opens Emerald Mist Spa

It has been announced that the St. Kitts Marriott has opened its Emerald Mist Spa. The spa offerings feature health, beauty and therapeutic programs, total body care, hair/nail care and a health club with state-of-the-art strength training equipment and fitness classes presented in a luxurious, tropical setting.

The menu of treatments developed by the Spa includes: seaweed wraps, body scrubs, several massage techniques including deep tissue, Swedish, reflexology, Shiatsu and relaxation massage therapy. The Swedish massage is a classic style massage of long movements to stimulate the immune system and leave the body completely relaxed. While the Reflexology massage includes a focused therapy on stimulating reflex points in the hands and feet where various points treat different organs throughout the body. Soon to be unveiled, is a specialty massage utilizing tropical botanicals that releases spinal tension, improves flexibility and stimulates circulation in the veins, arteries and lymphatic vessels, as it strengthens the muscles. The spa also offers in room massage therapy as well as beachside massage beneath Arabian-style cloth cabanas.

Other spa offerings include several deep cleansing and rejuvenating facials dedicated to stress relief through a complement of health and beauty treatments utilizing botanical skincare products. Of particular note, sun worshippers will enjoy the spa’s Hydrating Facial, an accelerated internal cellular hydration that helps prevent aging skin and supports the balance of oil secretion, promoting increased and sustained moisture retention in the skin.

Aromatherapy, body wraps, Warm Stone Massage, and Reflexology are offered as well. A mud treatment indulges the body in a mud therapy that is an anti-inflammatory, increases circulation, improves skin and muscle tone and calms tired muscles. An herbal body wrap promotes detoxification and mineral absorption using warm wraps and blankets; while a reduction body wrap is a toning and reaffirming wrap with marine minerals, herbs and vitamins. In addition, waxing and salon services round off the list; while hot and cold whirlpools, steams and saunas in each change room are included among the spa facilities.