Classic Custom Vacations Cements Contracts With Top Consortia

Classic Custom Vacations announced today the renewal of its contracts
as a preferred supplier of luxury vacation products with,
MAST, and WESTA as well as the continuation of its contract with GIANTS.
“Our dedication to these agencies is unwavering and we will continue to
support them by implementing aggressive ongoing marketing efforts and by
providing the best luxury vacation product supported by quality customer
service in the marketplace,” said Bob Hohman, president of Classic Custom
Vacations. “Our commitment to these agencies includes a strict privacy
policy that protects agencies’ customer names and provides price equality
for the agency channel.”
According to Dick Knodt, president and CEO of, “Satisfied
travelers are the key to our member agencies maintaining and growing their
business. The level of service provided by Classic for luxury vacations is
well known in the industry and our members feel comfortable leaving their
valued clients in the hands of Classic.”

The Classic—GIANTS relationship, in which Classic has been a preferred
supplier for the consortium, has been going strong for 16 years. In
November, Classic was voted the 2003 Top Preferred Supplier for Land
Vacations by GIANTS agencies.

“The longevity of our relationship with Classic speaks for itself,” said
Jack Mannix, president and CEO of GIANTS. “We continue to work with
Classic because they deliver superior customer service and an exceptional
vacation experience keeping both our agents and travelers happy.”

The 2004 contract with WESTA marks the 14th yearly agreement and the contract from MAST positions Classic as their official luxury provider.