Travelocity Business Offers Global Options For Multinational Companies

Travelocity Business
(SM) is the first online agency to introduce a full set of global options for its customers. These options include the ability for U.S.-based companies to easily create online booking sites and 24x7 services customized for international offices and travelers with local languages, currency, policies, and preferred suppliers. Travelocity Business has also secured special business rates at thousands of international hotel properties.The global capabilities are an element of Travelocity Business’ expansion to provide its full service corporate travel solution to large companies, in addition to small and medium-sized businesses.

“Most large and medium-sized companies have offices outside the United States,” said Ellen Keszler, president of Travelocity Business. “In the past, companies have often had completely different travel solutions for each of those regions. Travelocity Business is allowing companies to create a truly global travel program that helps companies create the greatest efficiencies by providing the broadest set of options to travelers worldwide in one online program, but with localized service as needed.”

Travelocity Business is the only online agency providing a unique super site capability. It allows companies to maintain a primary U.S. travel site that can then be easily replicated to create online booking sites for each regional office, with that region’s language, currency, policies, and local preferred suppliers. Travelocity Business is also implementing localized services to provide international offices, phone services, and ticketing as necessary.

In addition, Travelocity Business has secured special rates at thousands of hotel properties in major destinations around the globe, ranging from economy to deluxe accommodations. These blanket discount rates are in addition to special discounts Travelocity Business is negotiating on behalf of companies, complementing the negotiated rates companies may secure on their own.