Shepherd Systems and Continental Enter Data Processing Agreement

Shepherd Systems, Inc. announced today that it has signed a multi-year contract with Continental Airlines for provision of its Galaxy MIDT (Market Information Data Transfer) processing services, relied on by the world’s leading airlines, travel agencies, and travel-related companies. 

MIDT data is a comprehensive source of market and competitive data which, when integrated with other data sources such as the Revenue and Quality of Services Index (“QSI”), provides fact-based insight enabling airlines to make strategic and operational decisions.

“Shepherd’s ability to supply superior quality, state-of-the-art MIDT processing and its reputation for full-service support made it the logical match for our comprehensive business requirements,” said Dave Hilfman, Continental’s vice president of Sales and Reservations.


As Continental’s new MIDT processing supplier, Shepherd has tailored the MIDT data output to feed Continental’s key operational and planning systems. The processing of Continental’s data from all the major Global Distribution Systems on a daily basis allows it to react immediately and confidently to market fluctuations and trends, fully leveraging its MIDT investment.



“With escalating costs and a growing need for accurate demand estimates and resource allocations, the ability of airline management to efficiently collate reliable information across its various systems in a timely manner is essential,” said Flo Lugli, senior vice president, Airline Solutions, Cendant Travel Distribution Services Division.  “It is clear that MIDT as a data source continues to be vitally important for all parties in the industry and we will continue to invest in technologies and solutions that derive the best use from this and other industry data sources.”


Galaxy allows an airline to choose select processing requirements from a comprehensive set of parameters or to customize services for its particular needs. Processing can be done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  As a full-service provider, Shepherd additionally offers a tightly-integrated suite of online business intelligence tools that allow the user to maximize the value from the investment in MIDT.