Cooperative Efforts of DOT & Tourism agencies boost cruise ship vacation

Commissioner of Tourism Pamela C. Richards is pleased to announce that the U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism and several partner tourism agencies have combined their resources to enhance the holiday experiences of passengers aboard Royal Olympia Cruises’ Olympia Voyager.
“I am extremely pleased with the cooperative efforts of our tourism agencies to spread some holiday cheer and to assure the satisfaction of our visitors for the betterment of the Territory, as many visitors chose to go shopping and many opted to come to St. Croix on the Fast Ferry.” Richards said.Despite the unfortunate circumstances that led to the cruise ship’s docking in Charlotte Amalie Harbor, several tourism agencies, including the Department of Tourism, the Virgin Islands Port Authority, West Indian Company Limited, the Virgin Islands Fast Ferry, the Crucian Festival Committee and the Virgin Islands Hotel & Tourism Association, responded to the ship’s misfortune to offer a spectacular cultural holiday experience for their passengers.When the tourism agencies learned of the challenges facing the cruise ship, each responded immediately to help remedy the situation. Commissioner Richards extended an invitation to Captain Apistolas Georgios, Commander of the Olympia Voyager, to host his crew and passengers and provide exceptional shopping facilitated with coupon booklets, day visits to St. John and the opportunity to enjoy one of the most celebrated events of the season - the Crucian Christmas Festival. West Indian Company Limited and the Virgin Islands Port Authority were instrumental in delivering this offer to the cruise ship, and the Virgin Islands Hotel & Tourism Association provided 500 coupon booklets for this venture. As chairperson of the Virgin Islands Port Authority, Commissioner Richards also assured them that the cruise ship would not be charged fees to dock at the facility in Frederiksted; however, due to legal challenges the ship has to remain in the Charlotte Amalie harbor.“In every cloud, there is a silver lining,” Richards said. “It is fortuitous that the ship is in our beautiful harbor, Charlotte Amalie. The United States Virgin Islands offers a myriad of activities, fine dining and entertainment - each island providing a distinct and unique taste of paradise.”