Internet Based Airfares Monitoring Services

eMark Services has announced the availability of web based price intelligence services for the global air travel industry. Great flexibility is available to customers regarding the formats in which this comparative price data can be presented. It could be compiled in simple excel spreadsheets or represented graphically for easy visual interpretation.

The pricing intelligence from eMark Services is aimed at large travel portals, airlines, travel inventory consolidators and market research companies. The principle is simple- Track and beat your competitor’s pricing to succeed. Most travel inventory providers having sizeable exposure to air travel industry can not work their pricing in isolation of the web marketplace. Though, most travel portals claim to offer “best prices on the web”; few actually do any competition tracking. For the same sector, different leading portals may show a price difference of upto 20% in quiet oblivion of each other. In such a scenario, any travel portal armed with the comparative price-data can hope to out-smart competition.

The reports contain comparative airfares with options such as stop-over information, advance booking periods, duration of return trip, minimum price amongst all the travel portals being tracked, the difference between the rates on the customer’s portal and other portals etc. The client decides the portals that need to be tracked and other parameters that affect price. Sophisticated software tools drive the entire price-data report generation cycle. “We have used cutting edge technologies to build our applications. Our products sift through enormous amounts of data to find the Information the customer needs. The company uses Prince2 methodology of project management. Stay ahead of your competitors with our tools”, says Mr. Shirodkar- Chief Tech Officer of the company.

The customer can also choose different report formats for different levels of decision makers in his company. The reports could be submitted daily, weekly or at a customer-specified periodicity. The flexibility of service-offerings goes a step further by allowing the customer to pre-choose the mode of receipt of his reports-by either e-mail or through a password protected web folder on client extranet i.e. NetReports. The customer can also receive alerts by e-mail or SMS as and when prices of certain air travel sectors rise or fall beyond the threshold values pre-specified by him.