New Cutting Edge Technology That’s Helping Women Age Gracefully

The latest breakthrough technology: “Radiance” - and injectable filler that lasts up to 3 years (Collagen only lasts 3-6 months) and the “Silk Peel” - a cutting edge procedure that redefines skin resurfacing.The two most sought after cosmetic treatments are injectable fillers (i.e. Collagen) and skin resurfacing.

By educating the public, we help people make the right decisions about their anti-aging needs so they obtain the best results possible.

Radiance: Kiss Collagen goodbye.

- Incredible new injectable filler that plumps up lips & fills in lines, depressions & wrinkles of the face

- Long lastingup to 3 years (Collagen & others last only 3-6 months)

- No skin test needed No risk for allergic reaction

- Quick, easy, and affordable

Silk Peel: Redefining skin resurfacing


- Silk Peel uses a diamond tip to exfoliate the skin it does NOT use controversial crystals or other abrasive particles.
- Not only does Silk Peel exfoliate, but it simultaneously delivers topical formulas to the skin to moisturize, stimulate collagen, fight wrinkles or treat acne, sun damage or hyper-pigmentation. It’s like having 2 treatments in 1. This is the next step in dermatological science and is exclusive to Silk Peel.

- There is no “down-time” & the procedure is painless

- Treatment takes only 15-20 minutes and is more affordable than most chemical or laser peel treatments

- Safe for all skin types and colors including Asian and African-American skin