Toshiba Helps Press Get Connected at 2006 FIFA World Cup

Toshiba, an “Official IT Partner” for the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany equips Internet Corners at the Media Centre during the Preliminary Draw Program at Frankfurt Festival Hall during the first week of December. The events building up to the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany will get underway in Frankfurt with the highlight of a packed program being the Preliminary Draw at Frankfurt Festival Hall on December 5, 2003.

Toshiba will support the preliminary draw event as “Official IT Partner” a
position   that will allow the company to showcase its leading-edge
technologies and reinforce its brand image as a provider of IT solutions at one of the premiers’ sports events.


“By taking advantage of the latest wireless enabled mobile computing devices, Toshiba’s notebooks and Pocket PCs will enable officials and media to get connected anywhere, anytime during the event,” said Oscar Koenders, general manager of Toshiba’s EMEA Computer Systems Marketing Division.



Several FIFA and LOC officials are currently using Toshiba notebooks and Pocket PCs to take advantage of the mobility factor while travelling around the globe to promote and prepare for the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany.


Under its sponsorship agreement with FIFA, Toshiba will support the smooth operation of the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany with IT-related products, including personal computers and Pocket PCs. Score updates during game broadcasts will feature the Toshiba logo and appear on the home page of the official 2006 FIFA World Cup web site, which will also carry a link to Toshiba’s web site. Toshiba will also have advertising boards in prominent positions at all FIFA World Cup stadiums.


Toshiba   reinforces understanding of its IT capabilities in today’s
“Internet-Ready”  era,  alongside   recognition   of   its technological
capabilities and high product reliability. Support for the world’s most
popular   and widely watched event will provide Toshiba with global projection of the company as a proactive IT company offering advanced know-how and capabilities.