STA Travel Rolls Out FlightScanner Enterprise

STA Travel has started to implement FlightScanner Enterprise in all of its UK branches to enable them to capitalise on the expansion of the low cost market and reinforce their position as the travel agent of choice for the student market. The full rollout to all 65 locations will be completed by the middle of November.
The implementation of FlightScanner Enterprise has allowed STA Travel to centrally control and automate the supplier payment process, based on the supplier profile, without any intervention from the individual travel consultant.

STA Travel Andy Hibbert says: “The low cost market is important to the student and youth market and prior to the implementation we had no standard way of searching, booking and paying for low cost carriers. We are excited about the opportunity that FlightScanner Enterprise gives, in view of providing our customers with an effective comparison between traditional and low cost carriers. This new technology, linked with our extensive range of non-flight products and invaluable travel advice, provides our customers with the complete low cost holiday experience”

Additionally, STA Travel uses the Management Information provided by the FlightScanner data capture and web reporting tools to carry out supplier payment reconciliation and track productivity of its 350 staff when searching and booking web fares. Branch managers will also be able to measure individual travel consultant productivity using FlightScanner Enterprise.

Dolphin Dynamics President, Roberto Da Re says, “We are very pleased that STA Travel is implementing FlightScanner Enterprise as its selling platform for web fares. This demonstrates that the trend towards using the Internet to search and book flights has matured and is becoming part of the standard business practice alongside traditional published and net fares sold via the GDS. The value brought to the table by FlightScanner Enterprise is not just finding the fares but automating the selling process and allowing STA Travel to have a proper business process when selling web fares.”

Dolphin Dynamics is working with other selected companies to deliver similar automated solutions and integrate the process of selling web fares within the traditional workflow of large organisations both in the leisure and business travel sector.


The FlightScanner family of products is offered exclusively to bona fide travel agents.