Vividence and PhoCusWright Strike Partnership

Vividence Corporation, the leader in customer experience market research, and PhoCusWright Inc., the leader in travel intelligence services, today announced a partnership under which the companies will jointly develop travel research products that provide insights into the online behaviors of consumers.“Combining our expertise in the area of online travel research makes tremendous sense,” said Philip C. Wolf, President and Chief Executive Officer, PhoCusWright. “Vividence brings ground-breaking market research techniques to the partnership, and PhoCusWright brings in-depth experience and understanding of travel markets and businesses. It’s a perfect fit for our clients.”

PhoCusWright has an established history of providing intelligence, strategy and consulting for the travel, tourism and hospitality industries. Vividence brings a unique approach to market research, with patent-pending technology and proprietary techniques that allow for the actual examination and understanding of online behaviors, in addition to consumer opinion.

“PhoCusWright has an unmatched understanding of the travel industry. Vividence provides unmatched insight into the online customer experience,” said Jeff Greenberg, Chief Executive Officer, Vividence. “Together we will provide our clients with insights that will define the online travel business.”

The announcement came on the first day of the PhoCusWright Executive Conference, a travel industry event where Vividence is a sponsor. The companies also announced the launch of their first joint product, a syndicated research report examining how consumers plan vacations and evaluate travel packages online. The report, “Vacation Packages: A Consumer Tracking and Discovery Study,” will map the consumer travel planning process step by step, identify which packaging strategies work best and uncover how consumers actually go about making travel plans online.
“Vividence’s unique research methodology allows us to step into the shoes of travelers, following them from travel portals, to search engines, even to competitor sites. PhoCusWright experts will interpret and map the exclusive data
we extract ─ and provide our clients with actionable advise on how to leverage this information for maximum business value,” said Greenberg.

“Today, many consumers go online as soon as they decide to take a vacation. Travel companies are looking for ways to take advantage of the change, and we believe this research will help define the new strategies that win and retain travelers online,” said Wolf.


The report, “Vacation Packages: A Consumer Tracking and Discovery Study,” will be available in mid-December 2003.