Abacus Signs on Alitalia to Direct Connect Sell Service

Alitalia is the 75th carrier to upgrade to Abacus International‘s Direct Connect Sell (DCS) Service. The airline signed on to the service, which was developed
to enable customers to better manage seat selection and allocation as well as provide instant confirmation of bookings, last week.
Abacus’ Direct Connect Sell (DCS) service provides better seat
control and yield management to airlines and minimises the chances of
over-bookings for certain flights. Subscribers also have the option to
subscribe to the Interactive Pre-Reserve Seats (IPRS) and Interactive Seat
Map (IMAP), allowing travel agents to make seat selections on flights and
providing instant confirmation.

“The DCS service has been one of our most popular Airline offerings
since we developed it in 1988. We are constantly looking for ways to help
our customers optimise their bookings and the success of DCS is testament
how useful our products are to our customers,” said Mr Rogelio Sarreal,
President and Head of Associate Sales.

“We needed a system where we could better manage seating allocation
of our passengers on Asian market. Abacus provided us with a
and efficient option which we were able to implement into our systems very
easily,” said Mr Ferruccio Vigorito, Head of Distribution, from Alitalia.