The Venetian Extends Partnership With SynXis

announced today that they have inked a five-year deal to continue providing reservation distribution technology for The Venetian Resort -Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas. Under the agreement, SynXis will provide The Venetian with seamless connectivity to the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) as well as the Internet Distribution Systems (IDS).
SynXis began working with The Venetian in September 2001. Since then, The Venetian opened its new Venezia hotel tower comprised of an additional 1,013 luxury suites making it the third largest hotel in the world by room count. SynXis’s unique approach to customer service and revenue management has resulted in increased reservation volume and reduced operating costs.

“We have enjoyed being part of the growth of SynXis over the past two years,” said Rom Hendler, Director of Revenue Management for the Venetian. “They have great relationships with our other technology partners, and continue to invest in integration with them. We very rarely sign such long-term agreements with any of our providers, but we want to reward the commitment SynXis has continually shown to us, and we couldn’t be more confident that SynXis will continue to give us a competitive edge.”

“We look forward to building on our successful track record with The Venetian. Their loyalty proves that our investment in both customer service and technology has paid off by creating true partnerships where everyone benefits,” said Rick Betz, COO and Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales for SynXis. “This reinforces our role as the reservation technology provider of choice for the Las Vegas market.”
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