Phuket Airlines Signs on to ABACUS Direct Connect Sell Service

Phuket Airlines, the domestic carrier based in Bangkok, Thailand, has signed up for Abacus International‘s Airline Connectivity services.  The airline, established in January 2001, will start at the basic level of participation with the Abacus Full Availability and AnswerBack service which allows all Abacus subscribers to access Phuket Airlines’ flight schedules and seat availability. Phuket Airlines plans to upgrade to the Abacus Direct Connect Sell (DCS) Service in the next few months enabling them to better manage seat selection and allocation, as well as provide instant confirmation of bookings.

Abacus’ Direct Connect Sell (DCS) service provides better seat control and yield management to airlines and minimises the chances of over-bookings for certain flights. Subscribers also have the option of subscribing to the Interactive Pre-Reserve Seats (IPRS) and Interactive Seat Map (IMAP), allowing travel agents to make seat selections on flights with instant confirmation.

“The DCS service has been one of our most popular airline offerings since we developed it in 1988 and I’m very happy that Phuket Air has decided to work with us. I am confident that with the customised product offerings they will get from Abacus, Phuket Air will be able to garner a better customer base,” said Mr Rogelio Sarreal, Vice President and Head of Associate Sales.

“Signing on to Abacus’ airline connectivity solutions will help us reach out to our customers in Asia better and help us maximise sales from potential last-minute bookings. Phuket Air’s goal is to become the leading passenger carrier in Thailand. While this is a very lofty target for a brand new member of the aviation community, with the enthusiasm and can-do attitude of our staff, the vision of our management team, and the help of partners such as Abacus, I can say with confidence that we will achieve our goal,” said Mr Kanin Phuvastien, Senior Vice-President of Phuket Airlines.

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