easyJet Response to Proposed CfIT Airline Congestion Charge

The Commission for Integrated Transport
today called for a radical shake up of the charges airlines face for the pollution and congestion they cause. Following this announcement
, easyjet has responded with the following comments:

The nature of the easyJet
business model reduces the impact of the airline’s activities on the environment.
easyJet operates a young fleet of aircraft, with high load factors. This more efficient use of aircraft means that noise emissions and fuel burn per passenger is significantly better than many airlines.

Our use of regional point to point bases dramatically reduces the congestion at hubs such as Heathrow, and the need for connecting services. Most of the UK population are within 90mins of an easyJet airport, which aids the reduction of demand for private car transport to and from the main airports from which it operates, and encourages further use of public transport.

We operate an almost paperless administration office, and as we do not have printed tickets, offer free newspapers or meals on board, this results in lower usage of packaging and paper and therefore less waste.

easyJet supports the principle of holding airlines accountable for their contribution to the effects on the environment. However do not believe taxation is the way forward. Tax is not hypothecated, so will not necessarily be reinvested in the environment, what is needed is targeted action.


easyJet believes the airline industry has a responsibility to run all aspects of its business efficiently. This is why we would welcome a debate, ideally at a European level to find the most innovative business solutions to ensure the industry tackles the problem in a sustainable manner.