Are Your Cosmetics Killing You?

Celebrity makeup and hair artist Jenique Bell has created a holistic revolution with Soulistic NYC, a professional cosmetic line that provides a health conscious alternative to the chemically infused, artificial, and synthetic based cosmetics in the industry today.
Jenique, who leads a natural vegan lifestyle, has determined that the need for professional grade holistic cosmetics was too great to ignore. Jenique suffered most of her life with eczema as well as acne during her teen years. By adopting a holistic lifestyle, these afflictions disappeared almost immediately.
This experience, along with intensive research regarding life-threatening chemicals, influenced her to create a holistic cosmetic line unlike any other. This unique concept incorporates Jenique`s spirituality (soul) plus her natural lifestyle (holistic) which equals Soulistic.

“There are too many companies who are exploiting the word `natural` which can be very misleading and dangerous to the consumer. To ensure that you are getting a truly natural product, make sure that the product does not contain chemical preservatives, `fragrance`, and artificial dyes. These are just a few of the known carcinogens, explains Jenique.”
Soulistic NYC provides a totally natural experience utilizing only the finest and purest organic oils, herbs, and butters from around the world, and is a radical departure from cosmetic industry standards. Absolutely no unrefined oils, artificial colors, synthetic binders and fillers, animal by products, petro-chemicals, or artificial fragrances are used.
From custom blended mineral powders to body butters, these unique products represent a complete guide to beauty and wellness for the mind, body, and soul.

Soulistic NYC cosmetics are used exclusively by Jenique in the print, film, and fashion industry. Considered a rising star by industry insiders, she is best known for her wildly imaginative and surreal designs.
The stylistic creations of Jenique, who`s credentials include working with such noted recording artists as Pink, Gwen Stephani, Eve and corporate clients such as Nike, Johnson and Johnson, and Macy`s, have been described as an innovative, multi-faceted fusion of impeccable craftsmanship, combined with raw, emotionally charged next wave attitude.