Soneva Resorts Hostes Wine Tasting And Dinners

Guest at Soneva Fushi Resort and Soneva Gili Resort are in for a double treat this coming January, 2004. The Winemakerå‘s Dinners series, which has proved so popular throughout 2003, is being presented at both resorts and will feature two wine experts: Andy Quady, and Alessia Antinori.

At Soneva Fushi on January 17, “The genius that is Andy Quady” will host just one tasting and one degustation dinner at which he will present his extraordinary wines. Soneva Gili will be the venue for a dinner and tasting several days later.

Andy Quady’s change of career from making fireworks to wine has proved just as explosive, with the creation of Essensia Orange Muscat - an instant success. Following this success his next creation was Elysium Black Muscat, with aromas of roses and lychees, and deep layers of flavour capable of matching the richest chocolate or blue cheese.
Mr Quady will also introduce his latest inspiration, the VYA extra dry vermouth - made from Orange Muscat and Valdepenas combined with botanic extracts - and his Starboard range of fortified wines made from the classic Portugese varieties.
Alessia Antinori belongs to the influential Florentine family that has been making wine in Tuscony and Umbria for 26 generations, since 1385. Her father is winemaker Piero Antinori, who became the voice of Italy in wine circles during the 1970s, by single-handedly creating the super Tuscan phenomenon with Sassicaia, a cabernet sauvignon aged in small oak barrels. This sparked a generation of avant-garde innovation that spread quickly to other regions.
By making wines that weren’t accepted under the traditional DOC rules, the wine could only be classified as vino da tavola, but their elegance, finesse and native character far surpassed any other Italian wine made at the time. Once the exceptional quality was recognised the wines were granted geographical appellations, and Antinori has since continued his revolution further south in Montepulciano, Montalcino and Apulia.”
Alessia Antinori presents her one tasting at Soneva Gili on January 19. A tasting and dinner will also be held at Soneva Fushi on January 22.

Winemaker Steven Spurrier is scheduled to continue the series when he hosts dinners in March 2004.
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