Alila Resorts Select Sensatia Botanicals

Alila Hotels and Resorts has created a new conscious-aware partnership with small village co-operative in support of the Bali Recovery Programme. When brainstorming ideas of how to help Bali, Alila Hotels and Resorts decided to look, quite literally, into its own bathrooms and back yard.

Alila Manggis is located in the beachside village of Buitan, Manggis and next door to a little fishing village, Jasri, famous recipe for its organic coconut soap recipe.
Within Jasri is Sensatia Botanicals, which, from humble beginnings of two employees in 1999, created a profit sharing co-operative now giving 23 local people work producing and developing soap and beauty products.
Many others within the village also continually profit from this small village enterprise, coconut harvesters, coconut oil makers, loofah sponge growers, seaweed harvesters, rice farmers, etc. It is estimated that upwards of 100 people have direct association and make a healthy living from Sensatia Naturals, proving that the co-operative has succeeded in developing and supporting a local economic structure in a paradise that is in need of aid.
Alila Hotels and Resorts support this philosophy y, which incorporates a very holistic approach, with a strong love and connection to the land, ‘Old Bali’ style. The product development has been to always use ingredients one would find in mother’s kitchen. With this in mind, the new Alila soap flavours, which can be discovered in all three Alila properties; Jakarta, Ubud and Manggis - of Loofah Sponge, Coconut Crème, Tropical Seaweed and Cinnamon Swirl - are created organically with fresh, wholesome ingredients.
In the future, Alila’s plans with this village co-operative look to incorporate further products - from the kitchen to the spa - but will always strive to maintain Sensatia’s essential philosophy, of one world, one people.
Alila Hotels states; “Guests can be proud to soap themselves with products supporting village life, hoping to help those less fortunate than others”.

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