Plans to Block Government EU Vitamin Directive

Any day now, the British Government will lay down before Parliament new regulations to turn the EU Supplements Directive into English Law, to take effect from the end of July. The same thing will happen in the Welsh Assembly and the Scottish Parliament.

Celebrity Nutritionist Patrick Holford is appealing to all associated industries to ensure this does not happen;
“This is the last chance MPs have to block this legislation and it`s vital that we try to make this happen, otherwise we will lose thousands of supplements. If enough MPs vote against it, it can either be stopped or, more likely, amended to give people in Britain access to safe supplements.
One idea Holford has to make MPs aware of this situation is via a website link, Save Our Supplements, whereby visitors can email, download and print out a postcard to be completed and sent to local MPs.
Holford adds, “One million of these physical cards have been sent out to health food stores for customers to fill in and, we hope, another million will be sent by email. We have to get as many signed and posted as quickly as possible to be able to block, or amend this legislation.

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Article Date - [ 04/07/03 ]