Medical Aesthetics Expands to Meet South African Market

Medical Aesthetics is officially spreading its wings to the international market, trading in South Africa with its ground-breaking cosmaceutical skincare line Mene & Moy and the ERP Face Magic System.

The company, specialists in non-surgical face lifts, skin rejuvenation products, anti-aging formulas and cosmetic fillers is expanding due to popular demand by introducing two of its key brands to South Africa.

Fronted by Dr Elisabeth Dancey, Medical Aesthetic Supplies specialises in ground-breaking techniques and offers training equipment and professional therapists materials to throughout the world.
Dancey, who has spent most of her medical career working, researching and pursuing new techniques in the field of Aesthetic Medicine, discovered new techniques arriving on the market, such as Outline and Evolution for the treatment of lines and wrinkles. In 2000 she introduced the Mene & Moy and SkinRenu skin rejuvenation programmes from Brazil, and also created ElectroRidoPuncture (ERP) for the UK market, with almost 20 years unbroken safety record in Europe.


The successful Mene and Moy range of active cosmetics contains naturally occurring compounds created to tackle the increasing problem of abnormal pigmentation. Formulated to pass through the skin barrier to the dermis below, its powerful concentrations of vitamin C (collagen and elastin stimulation), phytic acid (melanocyte stabilisation) and glycolic acid (exfoliation and further collagen synthesis), are combined with soothing chamomile, vitamins E and A, shea butter, orchid oils and bisabolol to achieve highly effective anti-ageing skin creams.



ERP Face Magic, a non-surgical face lift treatment, is performed by therapists who have been personally trained by Dr Elisabeth Dancey. Several electrodes, smaller than the finest hypodermic needle, are inserted just under the skin of the face so neither the muscles nor the nerves are pierced. Once inserted, the current is switched on and a light tingling sensation is felt which rapidly changes to a deeper, massaging sensation. During this time the therapist will then treat each line and wrinkle separately with another electrode. Broken veins, open pores and scars can also be treated with the appropriate current. No products are ever injected and the neck can also be successfully treated in this way to tone, lift and reduce lines.