New Age Traveller from Molton Brown

To celebrate the companyå‘s 30th anniversary, Molton Brown has created a special limited edition leather Molton Brown new age traveller.

Handmade from smooth toffee-hued leather, the travel collection contains ten luxurious therapies, including five elements of the new Molton Brown skin line. Created with pure elemental ingredients from around the globe the exclusive travel essentials are designed to reassure, renew, energise and pamper during journeys.

The limited edition collection consist of: Travel reviving jinang hair & body wash.
Indian cress instant conditioner.
Ultrasmooth coco de mer body lotion.
Skinfresh facial wash.
Skinbalance toning lotion.
Active defence city day hydrator.
Eye-rescue ultracool.
Lipsaver vitamin SPF8 .
Naran ji soothing hand lotion SPF 15.
Air of calm>

This promotion looks set to be a great success with British Airways passengers who use the unique Molton Brown Travel Spa as they are passing through Terminal Four Departures at Heathrow Airport. As a dedicated therapy centre, it is filled with mood-sensitive colours, aromas, sounds and sensations harmonised with soothing textures, lighting and state-of-the-art design.

Created exclusively for the traveller, the Travel Spa offers a ground-breaking range of performance services from sleep enhancers and nerve stabilisers, to mind-sharpeners: each designed to send travellers on a unique spa journey ready for work or relaxation.