Phytomer for Men Introduces Marine Oxhylium

Phytomer, the pioneer of marine cosmetology and worldwide specialist in spa treatments has launched the innovative Homme Phytomer range to provide a solution for the specific male skincare market.

Created with a unique detoxifying and oxygenating ingredient called Marine Oxhylium, formulated from a purified algal extract rich in magnesium and calcium; the Homme Phytomer range is designed to restore vitality, health and comfort to the skin.

The Phytomer, male product range, which has a fresh marine fragrance and masculine textures, is claimed to give immediate wellbeing. The collection consists;

RasagPerfect - Express Shaving Mask.
CoolMarine - Alcohol Free Soothing Aftershave.
DeoForce - Alcohol-Free Long Lasting Stick Deodorant.
GLOBAL PUR -Detoxifying Cleansing Gel.
EXFOLIAMASK - Facial Scrub.
FORVITAL - Revitalising Hair Styling Balm.
Active Care for Wrinkles and Fine Lines.
Anti-Shine Moisturising Fluid.
Body & Hair Shower Gel.