First Comfort Zone Destination Spa Opens in Italy

Leading professional spa brand Comfort Zone has announced the opening of its first destination spa at the Terme di Monticelli near Parma, Italy.

Located at the spa park in Monticelli, just a few miles from Parma, the Comfort Zone destination day spa blends the benefits of nature and the advanced technological research using unique properties of the area’s spa waters with exclusive Comfort Zone products and treatments.

There are two types of water at the Monticelli spa centre, one containing sodium bromide and the other sulphur. The sulphur water is classified among the mid-minerals and in particular contains sulphides, sulphates and hydrogen sulphate, and is used for inhalations and atomising. The sodium bromide water contains mainly sodium, calcium, chlorine, iodine and bromide. There is a very high percentage of bromide which lends special relaxing and anti-stress effects to the water. The water can be used at a temperature of 36¡-38¡C for baths, mud bath treatments, inhalations, aerosol, irrigation, and in the spa pools.

Created by the Studio Melegari, with architect Giovanni Pagani, the design concept combines earth and sea, past and present, essentiality and elegance, using materials such as the stone PECE - a dark colored stone containing fragments of ancient fossils.

Comfort Zone spa comprises three floors with a 50-m spa pool on the ground floor. On the first floor, a 200 sq-m space has been created for wet treatments utilising the spa waters with a laconicum, rasul, hydrotherapy tub, Vichy shower, and thermal pool, there is also a garden terrace with a solarium.
The second floor is dedicated to massages, facials and body treatments, such as: Lushly - a spa ritual for hands and feet using tiarè flowers to echo the ancient Polynesian traditions of body care; Action Sublime - an anti-aging treatment including face, head and hand massage. And Aromatic Beauty Touch - a regenerating welcome treatment which removes the tensions in the neck and shoulders, at the same time re-oxygenating the skin.

Together with a total of 11 treatment cabins and a thermal area there is also a medical office which offers consultations in dermatology, aesthetic medicine and nutrition.


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Article Date - [ 08/04/03 ]