Pevonia Botanica Launches the Water Lily Wrap

One of the worldå‘s leading professional spa skincare companies has introduced the Pevonia Soothing and Desensitising After Sun Wrapå... a unique Water Lily Body Wrap.

Pevonia’s Water Lily After Sun Soothing Wrap looks set to be a great success with sun-loving spa advocates.

Pevonia has combined the benefits of water lilies and green tea extract to offer a unique wrap that helps to lower skin temperature and decrease the sensation of discomfort resulting from sunburn or over sensitised skin. The formula also combats the aggressions of the sun’s damaging UV rays by decongesting, soothing, healing and moisturising to refresh and revitalise the skin after sun exposure.


The company states, “Water lilies have long been associated as a symbol of freshness, beauty and tranquility. Pevonia Botanica captures the essence of this majestic wide flower and envelops its wonderful moisturising and anti-erythematous effect within a professional treatment unlike any other.”




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