Fake Bake Voted Best Self-Tanner in the New York Times

New from the USA comes organic Fake Bake, the favourite tanning product in America that plans to capture the bronzing beauty market.

The new patent-pending formulation claims to last up to 50 percent longer than any other self-tan as it contains 37 percent more tanning ingredient than competitor products and provides colour for up to one week. Using a unique tanning agent and a colour guide to aid application, Fake Bake works with the skin’s natural pigment to create a natural-looking tan. It was also apparently used by Oscar winner of best supporting actress - Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The secret lies in Fake Bake’s three-step formula, which polishes, tans and moisturises using; Body Polish, Fake Bake Self Tan Cream, and Skin Smoothie Oil. Designed for use on the face and body, the company recommends users sleep in the product to allow the tanning agent to fully develop, this is then rinsed away in the morning leaving an even colour which fades like a natural tan.