Face Mapping - The Definitive Facial

The latest concept in skin solutions - Face Mapping - is taking the lead at the Leonard Drake Skin Care Centre, London.

Leonard Drake Skin Care Centres specialise only in facials - or Face Mapping as they call it - and the group has become renowned experts in, “Super clean skin that feels like a million dollars, whatever complexion type”. The unique concept created by Dermalogica has, it would seem, successfully taken facial treatments to another dimension.

The Treatment Works Like This…

Following herbal tea, a health elixir and an in-depth consultation, the face will be read like a map and divided into 14 different zones where each square centimetre of skin is examined with a gentle stretch and relax technique, inspecting everything from tone to infectious diseases. The emphasis is on deep cleaning skin which involves many steps, including balancing the skin`s pH level and the extraction of black heads. Skin is then moisturised and soothed with a cooling face pack.

Face Mapping may be the only treatment on the menu, but it will be different every time as it is adapted to the client’s skin needs on that particular day. The treatment is further customised with a choice of up to five Touch Therapies, including deep tissue face and shoulder therapy or reflex foot therapy. The result is an intense treatment that promises the definitive facial treatment.



Leonard Drake Skin Care Centre, Kensington, London, and also in Kingston-upon-Thames in Surrey. Contact: +44 (0) 20 7937 7060.