Oxy-Contour Body Treatment from Karin Herzog

Revolutionary Silhouette Cream and Oxy-Contour body is being hailed as the latest wonder-treatment to tackle cellulite.

Karin Herzog, known best for her revolutionary oxygen-based products and treatments, has created a new slimming solution in the form of Silhouette - a slimming cream par excellence, and Oxy-Contour - a brand new beautifying body treat. Both product and treatment are designed to tackle the issue of cellulite and leave the surface of the skin looking and feeling softer, smoother and dimple-free.

The total treatment begins with a cleansing and exfoliating of the entire body with natural fruit acid serums, followed by one hour of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) massage to get the lymph flowing freely around the body - a great remedy to eliminate toxins. A layer of oxygen-infused Silhouette cream is then smoothed directly onto skin to deal with problem areas and further cleanse the capillaries.
The cream is then covered with gauze before a volcanic mud mask containing pure copper is applied on top, to further stimulate lymph. The body is then wrapped thermally to ensure rapid absorption of ingredients deep into the dermis. During this two-hour treatment, which detoxifies en-route while increasing circulation, the body is wrapped and the scalp massaged.

According to the skincare specialist, “A healthy diet and physical exercise are not always sufficient to maintain a slim figure with toned, firm skin. The settling of adipose deposits under the skin manifests itself by irregular, looser skin which may even be flabby in typical areas such as the hips, buttocks and often the stomach.

“Silhouette is formulated to act locally on the parts of the body which are most liable to deposits of fat. Daily application of the cream will convince users of its gradual firming effect - after just two to four weeks the results are visible and after a little longer, you will also notice that the treated areas are revitalised, the skin firm and the figure slimmer and more attractive”.