Carole Franck Addresses the Ageing Issue

Carole Franck`s brand new anti-ageing kit is designed to hydrate, tone and
restore elasticity to mature skins. The companyå‘s new luxury gift pack, which is being marketed for Motherå‘s Day, is apparently a firm favourite of celebrity mums Madonna and Victoria Beckham.

The Carole Franck presentation pack includes a month’s supply of luxury skincare, designed to tighten, lift, and refresh the face. The company explains; “As skin ages, it thins and the top layers (the dermis) separates from the bottom layers (the epidermis). This leaves it more prone to wrinkling and fine lines. This Anti-Ageing Skin Pack is specially designed to thicken the skin, and works to re-join the top and bottom layers of the skin for a tighter, firm face.”

The formulation contains :

Essencia Raffermissant hydrates dull, sallow skin and helps to firm and tone by restoring elasticity. It provides a preventive action against ageing. Active extracts of Sage, Rosewood, Rosemary and Thyme give the skin improved resistance and stimulate cellular regeneration.

Reveil Cellulaire with excellent anti-ageing properties to stimulate the rise of new cells. It helps the skin receive more oxygen for a smoother, more supple texture. Fine wrinkles and age spots will diminish leaving a more radiant complexion. It works to firm and protect the elasticity of the skin so the complexion becomes more radiant.


Fulgurance Fluid a new beauty concept that makes existing facial lines less noticeable. Skin texture immediately looks smoother from the very first application. Applied to face, neck and around the eyes in the evening.

Fulgurance Recovery Cream improves the tone, elasticity and firmness of the skin whilst helping to maintain its rate of hydration, leaving it smooth to the touch. Containing Rose Hip Oil it has outstanding nourishing, revitalising and protective properties whilst simultaneously controlling free radicals responsible for ageing the skin.

Aroma-Lift ensures the clarity of the complexion for months by visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles improving the firmness of the skin, leaving it smoother and replenished with moisture. Containing 50% plant extracts of horsetail, sage, aloe vera and ginseng to mineralise and revitalise the skin with a rapidly smoothing effect. The combination of polysaccharides, vitamins B5, A and E and Essential Oils increases the
skin`s hydration rate and firms the face.