New Oxygen Body Wrap Arrives on the UK Market

The latest treatment to hit the UK this week is The Oxygen Body Wrap from American Body Wrap. Currently claimed as the favourite body wrap treatment in the States, with advocates such as Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, Sharon Stone, Uma Thurman and Demi Moore, the treatment is said to soften, tone and tighten the skin, while eliminating scarring, stretch marks and pigmentation problems.

With proven results, the American Body Wrap, new Oxygen Body Wrap treatment process promises to :

Repair and nourish skin; reduce scarring, swelling and soothe disorders such as Eczema; help diminish stretch marks; and brighten lifeless, dull, sallow skin.

Pre Treatment

Following exfoliation, Vita-repair a skin restoration formulation is sprayed all over the body to repair, nourish and protect the skin. It is applied directly onto problem areas to help eliminate blemishes, stretch marks and scarring.


The Oxygen Body Wrap bandages are pre-soaked in Oxygen booster. This infuses
the bandages with vitamin enriched serums, packed with enzymes, botanicals
and Pure Oxygen (not chemically derived). Oxygen Booster heals skin and
stimulates blood circulation whilst having anti-inflammatory and antiseptic
properties that combat a multitude of skin disorders. The body is wrapped
and left in bandages for 30 minutes. The active ingredients work to repair,
nourish and heal many problem areas within the skin.

The bandages are removed and Derma Lift Serum is applied to the skin. It
deeply hydrates to leave it smoother, firmer and free from stretch marks.
Then Vitamin Serum, containing the purest form of vitamins A, D & E. Vitamin
A will encourage healthy skin growth, Vitamin D will heal and soothe the
skin while Vitamin E moisturises skin and strengthens connective tissue.


Post Treatment
Maintain the results of the treatment between spa visits, the company has created a collection of retail range homecare products:

Derma Lift Serum banishes stubborn stretch marks whilst re-hydrating and
firming the skin. Oatmeal Scrub to exfoliate and keep skin smooth. Plus Anti-Cellulite Bath Crystals to relax the body whilst diminishing cellulite.