Celebrity Skincare and Changes Molecular Structure

According to reports, Danni Minogue is looking better than ever and it is all thanks to a new beauty secret.
The Creme Restructurante, with Skin Repair complex, actually permeates deep within the layers of the skin to change the molecular structure of the cells.

For the first time, the Carole Franck skincare laboratory has succeeded in combining a nutritive skin repair complex with essential plant extracts and Oestrogen, the chemical responsible for healing and restoring damaged tissue.

Use of this product has produced pretty impressive results that show lines are minimised and skin is left feeling smoother, firmer renewed and radiant.
Lines, wrinkles and damaged skin are caused by a breakdown of skin cells. Ageing, exposure to the elements and pollution (toxins such as smoking) causes the cells - which are usually round in shape - to rupture and become disfigured.

Crème Restructurante repairs these cells, radically transforming the appearance, with the delicate balance of principle plant extracts; Ginseng (contains Oestrogen - 5%), Centella Asiatica (5%), extracts of Soya (0.4%) and Avocado (0.2%) stimulates cellular function, accelerating the production of essential proteins. These proteins rebuild the cells, restructuring and re-balancing the skin. Crème Restructurante can be used as a day cream after cleansing and toning or applied as a thick layer on alternate nights.