The First British Consumer Spa Magazine

The very first dedicated spa consumer publication, Spa Health & Beauty, is set to launch in the UK later this month.
The new title, published by London-based Editorial Design Concepts, will go on sale at WH Smith, newsagents and in-flight on a number of major world airlines.

Editor for the publication, health journalist Catherine Beattie, a spa writer for 12 years, believes this launch is a barometer of a successful UK spa industry; “The spa industry within the UK is such a fast developing and expanding market that it really warrants a dedicated magazine for consumers,” she says.

The initial print-run of 80 000 copies will hit the bookstands on 20 January with a cover price of 3.50. The magazine, created for spa enthusiasts and potential spa-goers, will cover topics from new spa information to locker room gossip.