New Name for LeSPORT, St Lucia

The Body Holiday at LeSPORT is what the resort will now be known as, a company statement explained, å“It is our opinion, and that of many of our guests, that å‘The Body Holidayå’ better represents our vacation experienceå”.

For the last 13 years, LeSport - The Body Holiday, has offered holiday experiences that are second-to-none, and the company believes in providing activities and body treatments designed to give all the benefits of total wellbeing and rejuvenation - hence the name change.

Claims are that this is the first holiday experience in the world to combine the intense pleasure of personalised rejuvenation with the opportunity to acquire skills and insights that will enhance visitors for the rest of their lives. In effect, The Body Holiday is not a single experience because guests can tailor an impressive array of holiday pursuits - from Scuba to exotic Ayurvedic treatments.

European readers of Condé Nast Traveller recently named The Body Holiday the Number One Destination Spa in the world and one of the 100 Best of the Best in Travel. The company said, “As flattering as that may be, guests tell us we are far more than a spa. They say we’re a lot more fun than a dedicated spa and that the appeal of the holiday is found in our unique combination of pursuits that goes beyond the narrow confines of a pure health orientation. The Body Holiday imposes nothing. It’s about your choice of pleasure in the here-and-now, and how far you want to go to acquire the kinds of benefits that last a lot longer than a nice tan”.