Singapore`s First Garden Spa - Spa Botanica

SPA Botanica will be the first garden destination spa in Singapore when it
opens this month.

Set on the grounds of The Beaufort on the idyllic island of Sentosa, Spa Botanica is poised to become a great escape for local residents and international tourists. 

The 14 indoor rooms and six outdoor treatment pavilions are expected to become a destination in themselves.  With its state-of-the-art facilities, such as the region`s first mud pools, floatation pools and Turkish styled steam baths, Spa Botanica balances modern amenities with traditional
beauty and health practices.

The Plants and herbs used in the treatments arouse the senses, awakening the mind and encouraging the body to find balance. The beautiful gardens that surround the pavilions will bathe guests in the sweet fragrance of
flowers and the quite rustle of nature`s sounds. 

Ancient traditions like meditation labyrinths, yoga and tai chi that help
in reflection and connection to the universe are offered at Spa Botanica.


The use of aromatherapy and relaxing music heightens the senses as the confident strokes of an experienced therapist soothe the body.  There are also rooms to cater for specific needs of VIPs, couples and individuals.

Each Spa Botanica treatment is carefully designed to maximise the rich botanical resources of the region, such as the Singapore flower bath, guava and salt scrub, chlorophyll butter massage and the ayurvedic spice wrap.
Even more basic services like the hair salon and manicures and pedicure utilise the rich healing properties of nature`s essence.

An array of health conscious gourmet food and beverage will be available throughout the day. And a range of bath and beauty products from the Spa Botanica boutique for those interested in recreating the experience at home.