Spa Finder Magazine Expands To Meet Demands Of Leisure Industry`s Fastest Growing Segment

As society continues to move forward at a break-neck pace, more and more of us are seeking out the health benefits of fitness and prevention, turning to spas to reduce life-related stress and to improve our lifestyles (or simply maintain our sanity). In response to a booming demand from Americans who spend more than $5 billion dollars annually on spa-related services, Spa Finder Magazine will increase its publication schedule to six times a year and is introducing broadened new editorial that addresses the interests of individuals and families who want to experience a healthy, spa lifestyle everyday-whether at home or on vacation.

“The spa way of life is now mainstream and people of all ages and income levels are following it,” said Steve Buck, President and CEO of Spa Finder. “According to the International Spa Association, 25 percent of all Americans want to visit a spa or spa resort in the next year. As the foremost provider of spa travel and services information, we are committed to delivering the most timely and meaningful editorial to address the needs of both veteran and aspiring spa goers.”

Buck noted that 95 million visits are made to U.S. spas annually - with nearly 70 percent of the visits made by individuals with annual household incomes less than $75,000 - and that consumer spending at spas ranks 4th in leisure activity spending, just behind box office receipts.

“Americans are capable of making profound changes for the better in the way they live,” said Malcolm Abrams, editor in chief of Spa Finder Magazine. “Fifteen years ago who could have imagined that smoking would be banned almost everywhere or that we would be drinking bottled water. The interest in what spas have to offer is further evidence of our desire to live healthier lives.”

Available now at better bookstores and newsstands, Spa Finder Magazine features the largest directory of destination spas, resort spas, wellness spas, weight management spas, spas abroad and day spas. There are also informative and entertaining articles on spa travel, health, fitness, adventure and emotional well being.


In addition, the new On Your Own section shows readers how to re-create the spa environment at home. And for those seeking a specific spa experience, Spa Finder Magazine includes advice on spas to match every interest, ranging from men`s programs to vegetarian cooking to spas on the beach.

The Directory 2001 issue of Spa Finder Magazine is available nationwide. To subscribe to Spa Finder Magazine, please call toll-free 1-888-763-6409 or log on to for more information.