Spa Bookings On The Rise Despite Downturn In Travel Industry

As the travel industry navigates the rough waters of an industry slump, the number of spa travelers and those requesting information about spa vacations - those mind and body wellness retreats offering renewal and respite from stressful times - are on a dramatic rise according to Spa Finder (, the leading spa authority and number one spa travel company in the U.S. “This week our phones were busier than they`ve been in two years. We`re seeing a huge number of new customers-people who have never booked spa travel before are flocking to this type of relaxation and life-enhancing experience,” say Spa Finder Chairman and CEO Pete Ellis.

In addition to the recent upsurge in travelers seeking rest and renewal, more travelers are requesting itineraries that don`t involve flying - choosing instead to travel to local spa locations by Amtrak or by car, even if it takes twice as much time. This combination of trends has given a huge boost to spas within driving distance of major metropolitan areas.

As an alternative to crowded cities, airports and tourist magnets, spa vacationers are offered a completely different type of travel experience, including stress reduction programs, serene environments, nurturing and healthy eating-not to mention fitness, wellness, and weight-loss programs as well as a wide array of soothing and revitalizing body treatments. “In the past many people went on vacations to party, enjoy the nightlife and eat and drink to excess, then went home feeling bad and actually having to recuperate. Now they`re looking for something different - a place to heal and alleviate the stress and exhaustion that`s hit us all over the past two months,” says Ellis.

If you live in a major metropolitan area like Los Angeles or New York, and are looking for a local getaway, there are numerous unique spa experiences to choose from. Angelenos may want to make a quick trip to the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa, not only for their exquisite treatments but also a renowned golf course; while New Yorkers can look to the New Age Health Spa in the Catskills for a holistic spa experience at an affordable price. Spa Finder, dedicated to matching spa-goers to the spa that best fits their needs also recommends getaways to Green Valley Spa in Utah, Lake Austin Spa Resort in Texas, Birdwing Spa in Minnesota and Red Mountain Spa in Utah. All are renowned for renewing the spirits, hearts and minds of their guests, and focusing on relaxation, reflection and rejuvenation.

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