New Age Health Spa Develops `Mountain Rain`

Neversink, NY—New Age Health Spa, a 280-acre all-inclusive destination spa located in the Catskill Mountains, has announced that it has developed a signature line of bath and body products, including shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and shower gel, for its guests. The products, fittingly named “Mountain Rain,” are easily dispensed from wall dispensers in guestroom showers as well as in men`s and women`s locker rooms throughout New Age`s spa and fitness center. They are available for purchase at New Age`s boutique and at the spa`s Web site.

Says Stephanie Paradise, owner of New Age Health Spa, “Back in 1999 we created a series of cookbooks containing our spa cuisine recipes. We did this because so many of our guests wanted to take something back with them as a way of incorporating the `spa experience` into their everyday lives. In the same vein, we have created a signature line of upscale bath and body products for guests to use here and purchase for use at home if they so desire. We believe that the spa lifestyle should not be isolated to a weekend or weeklong vacation and that a simple `trigger` like showering with Mountain Rain each morning can be very beneficial in helping one to stay focused on the new goals that are often the result of a spa retreat.”

Mountain Rain product formulas were custom developed exclusively for New Age Health Spa and are not available anywhere else. The inspiration for the Mountain Rain fragrance was the scent of the Catskill Mountain air after a spring shower has moistened wildflowers, thereby releasing their collective bouquet. The botanicals found in Mountain Rain—Aloe, Chamomile, Calendula, Rosemary, Lemongrass—all have therapeutic qualities to nourish the skin and hair. Many products succeed in softening skin and making hair manageable but leave behind a residue that makes skin feel “layered” and hair feel just slightly less than squeaky clean. One of the many triumphs of Mountain Rain products is that they leave body and hair feeling exquisitely clean, as well as soft and healthy.

Only a two and a half hour drive from New York City, New Age Health Spa`s facility offerings are complimented by its outdoor pool, miles of trails, tennis courts and challenge course structures.

Intimate and charming lodges at New Age accommodate 72 guests year round. Offering a wide range of room categories/rates, New Age is one of the most affordably priced spas in the country and is listed as a “Best Buy” in Zagats surveys. Included in the rates are three healthful meals daily, complete use of spa facilities and unlimited participation in scheduled activities. While many visitors choose to come as couples or in small groups, independent travelers are very comfortable at New Age and many return year after year. To learn more about New Age Health Spa and for reservations, contact 800-682-4348 or visit