Events and News, Champneys Health Resort

A Beautiful Way to a Beautiful Body:

Grace, poise and total control. These are the qualities we appreciate when we watch ballet dancers in performance. Now you have the opportunity to acquire some of the benefits of a classical ballet training for yourself. Champneys Piccadilly has persuaded two of the most exciting names in the contemporary ballet world to lead a series of dance classes at the club, which will help tone muscles, improve posture and increase strength and fitness. Thomas Edur and Agnes Oakes are currently the English National Ballet`s leading couple. Childhood sweethearts from Estonia, their love story deserves to be turned into a ballet itself. For details of our exclusive classes, please call 020 7255 8000

Core Training:

We are proud to announce the launch of Reebok Core Training, in line with the introduction of the new Activities Programme at the end of April 2002. The new and exciting training programme provides multi-dimensional training on an unstable, reactive core board that integrates movement, stabilisation, balance and co-ordination. The core muscles function to maintain or stabilise the body`s central equilibrium as it moves. The greater the instability experienced, the greater the activation of the core muscles to centre or steady the body. The Reebok Core Board workout challenges the neuromuscular system and this will improve balance, co-ordination, strength and skill. Ideal training for martial arts, racquet sports, skilled based sports or lower body rehabilitation. Private tuition is available at £35 per hour. Are you ready for the challenge?

New Decleor Treatments Launch:


Decleor are launching a new range of treatments that will be available at Champneys health Resort and each of the CityClubs from April. The Aromatic Spa Mosaic is a collection of targeted body treatments selected as a programme of six treatments and tailored to your individual needs. There are four family groups and each group contains three treatments: Detox - for general or localised slimming. This overall body detox smoothes and refines the body contours, eliminating accumulated water and fat—Relax - when stress is at its highest level and you need to unwind. These treatments will melt away the tension throughout your body—Flow - when your are suffering from over-exercise, general aches and pains or poor circulation and heavy legs. These treatments will ease the muscles and stimulate the circulation—Tonic - after weight loss, pregnancy, natural ageing or over-exposure to the sun. These treatments can lift, firm and condition the skin as well as treat and prevent stretch marks.

New Babies Club for Champneys Brussels:

In common with all Champneys CityClubs, we aim to provide members with the ultimate stress-free environment, where they can put life on hold and enjoy space and time to themselves. With the opening of our luxurious new Babies Club, busy parents can leave their little ones in safe hands while they enjoy the club. This facility is unique in Brussels and opens in Spring. The babies Club will be open every weekend and on bank holidays from 10.00 to 18.00 and on Wednesday afternoons from 14.00 to 18.00, with professional supervision from an infant care specialist for children from three months to three years. EUR 10 for two hours, EUR 3 per hour thereafter.

Minerals & Miracles:

Inspired by movie actresses and models who often have to wear a week`s worth of make-up in a day, Jane Iredale created a revolutionary skin care make-up collection that is now available at Champneys. The range is not produced in the same way as conventional make-up. It is a blend of natural earth minerals and pigments that are pulverised to form microscopic flat crystals. These overlap each other to form a filter that allows the skin to breathe and function normally whilst still protecting it from airborne pollutants. It is completely pure and cannot damage the skin or cause allergic reactions. A great advantage is that it covers almost anything without looking thick or clogging and is ideal to use after surgery.

Organics at Champneys: 

At Champneys, we aim to serve organic produce wherever possible and Adam Palmer, our Group Executive Chef, is constantly researching suppliers for additional organic products. His latest additions are organic fruit and coffee. All fruit supplied to our guest rooms is now organic and is selected for the finest quality and taste. It is served in a small wooden crate with a description and the origin of the fruit. All our coffee is now organic and our decaffeinated coffee is decaffeinated using a water process. Great tasting coffee and no chemicals.

Cruise Direct:

We are pleased to announce Cruise Direct/Seabourn as a marketing partner this year. For special rates to cruise 2001, please call 020 8385 9000. All cruises include a complimentary 2 night stay at the resort