2002 ISPA Annual Conference : Dates and Venue Set

Mark your calendar now for the 2002 ISPA Annual Conference in Anaheim, California, US, October 20 to 23, 2002.
Your audience is hungry for information about the spa and wellness industry. Here’s your chance to learn all the newest trends and meet the industry’s top experts all in one convenient location.

What can you expect to gain?

- Insights on trends about to hit the industry
- Access to top keynote speakers

- Firsthand experience of new treatments in the industry
- Personal sampling of the latest equipment and products
- Access to owners and directors from spas around the world

- Story leads around every corner
All types of Spa Business are strongly encouraged to join up for this important event. There will be a press room on site and ISPA staff will be available to assist you by providing information and arranging interviews. In addition, there will be exclusive events and opportunities for media representatives.


If you are interested in receiving a Press Registration Form, please e-mail your name, mailing adress, phone, fax and e-mail to DEBRA LOCKER. For further questions, to set-up interviews and for more information about ISPA, please contact [email protected]