Personify for Continental

Continental Airlines has selected Personify, a provider of customer intelligence software, to help the airline improve its online operations, specifically by increasing usage of self-service features and raising visitor retention and loyalty.
Personify helps leading businesses of every kind provide a more tailored and relevant customer experience by targeting specific areas for improvement through its behavioral profiling and analytics platform.
Continental Airlines joins Midwest Express in Personify`s growing travel and leisure practice.
Personify will help Continental improve its online operations by providing insights into how its customers and prospects interact with the company via the Web. This will allow Continental to:
—increase visitor retention and loyalty;
—increase usage of online self-service features, such as OnePass and Booking Engine;
—more effectively market the site through e-mail and online advertising campaigns;
—identify content areas for enhancement or expansion; and,
—redesign the site to improve usability.