Ex-dreamticket chief executive launches “unique” service for travel industry

Lawrence Hunt, ex-chief executive and founder of dreamticket.com, has resurfaced as the managing director of Rapid Travel Solutions.
The travel and technology specialists are to launch what they claim is a unique, multi-channel application service for the travel industry, using dreamticket.com`s booking technology, now owned by Rapid.
Rapid is currently negotiating deals with fulfillment partners, computer hosting companies and content providers to offer a fully managed service to the travel industry. Agents and operators will be able to use the technology on either a license or transaction fee basis.
Mr Hunt commented: “The travel industry is finding it difficult and expensive to get to grips with the problems of managing customers and products across multiple sales channels. The investment we made at dreamticket.com has created a unique and cost effective platform which will help travel companies to exploit the benefits of the new channels, without the need to replace expensive legacy systems.”