Hertz Connectivity Upgrade

Sabre Holdings Corporation and The Hertz Corporation have upgraded Hertz` Sabre system connectivity level to Direct Connect Availability.
This “seamless” connectivity gives Sabre Connected travel consultants direct access to shop within the Hertz reservations system worldwide for the most current rate and availability information.
Direct Connect Availability, Sabre`s highest level of connectivity, ensures that the travel professional will receive the most up-to-the-minute rate information for all Hertz requests. Other key benefits include the ability to quickly and easily shop Hertz limited availability rates, one-way rates and corporate rate programs. By upgrading to this connectivity level, Hertz offers Sabre Connected travel agents worldwide immediate access to Hertz` fleet in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific. Coupled with Direct Connect Sell, travel professionals booking Hertz vehicles now have full capability to interactively shop, sell, and modify reservations, and receive an automatic confirmation to their reservation messages prior to end transaction.