disruption to easyJet web site access

Some visitors to the easyJet Internet site may have experienced difficulty accessing our server in the past 24 hours - we would like to apologise for any inconvenience. Throughout this time, the security of information placed on the site has not been compromised.

An individual attempted to redirect enquires to another site. This attempt failed.

This resulted from unauthorised changes that were made to the domain name information for easyJet.com, which is held by Network Solutions - the company responsible for issuing “dot com” domain names. easyJet and Network Solutions have worked together to ensure that the correct information has since been reinstated.

This action constitutes Internet abuse and will not be tolerated by easyJet. We have received advice and have a legal claim against the individual concerned for “wrongful interference”. We will be pursuing this vigorously in order to protect our business interests.