Wizcom Announces Next Phase Of Easyaccess Plus Suite With Graphic Hotel Description And Rate Create

WizCom International, Ltd. (“WizCom”), a leading supplier of reservation and information management systems for the travel industry, announced today the introduction of two new products, EasyAccess IQ and EasyAccess RateCreate.
EasyAccess IQ and EasyAccess RateCreate are part of the WizCom EasyAccess Plus suite of Web-based distribution management tools developed for the hotel industry to manage distribution more effectively and cost-efficiently. Both products are targeted for rollout in the second half of 2001.
“One of the biggest challenges for our hotel customers has been identifying opportunities to differentiate their brands and more accurately portray their products. With EasyAccess IQ, hoteliers can add rich content such as photos or virtual property tours that can give a better look-and-feel for the products that they are selling,” said Flo Lugli, President of WizCom.
WizCom`s EasyAccess IQ is a Web-based data and rich content repository that enables hoteliers to manage textual and multimedia hotel descriptive content from a single source. For example, if a hotelier used EasyAccess IQ to manage and distribute an image of a certain property or hotel room and wanted to change or update the image, EasyAccess IQ would enable them to update that information across a wide variety of distribution points simultaneously. EasyAccess IQ will also support wireless functionality allowing hoteliers to provide hotel description content to handhelds and other devices.
EasyAccess RateCreate offers hoteliers an easy, cost-effective means to input and manage hotel room rates in the major GDSs. Hoteliers must currently create rate levels and assign rate codes, rules, security and room types for each property and in each individual GDS. EasyAccess RateCreate will enable hotel companies to create single rate level profiles and then have that information automatically sent in the correct format to create rates in each GDS.
“Rate management is one of the most inefficient and time-intensive areas for the hotelier. EasyAccess RateCreate cuts down on operational costs by serving as a single entry point to create and manage rate codes for all of the GDSs,” Lugli said. “EasyAccess RateCreate is the missing link in the management of rates across the GDSs. When used in conjunction with WizCom`s Enterprise Connectivity, WizCom customers have the only end-to-end solution that supports rate creation, management, updating and availability.