Sales Rise For Expedia In UK
experienced a huge rise in sales after their advertising campaign in January. The ad featuring the new tagline `, when it comes to travel we`ve thought of everything, have you?` was launched on 8 January and ran for 4 weeks. As the campaign drew to a close, new sales figures for the site showed that there had been an 88% rise year on year.
At the same time the latest
announced record second quarter financial results. Revenues had increased by 81% to $80million as Expedia continued its progress in demonstrating the success of its business model and laid the foundations for the launch of its new Expert Searching and Pricing platform.
Also has signed up with, the portal for the UK`s leading telecommunications service provider, to supply online customers with a convenient leisure service. users now have access to a fully integrated and comprehensive flight, hotel and car hire service in just one click from the homepage. users now have access to top travel articles and reports by some the UK`s best writers. Under the arrangement with Travel Intelligence, this new channel will enable all users to access a wide range of unique travel material, with Travel Intelligence providing daily changing stories from its huge network of writers around the world.