Weekends.com powers Overstock.com`s travel category

Weekends.comWeekends.com, an Internet travel company specializing in bargain flights and one-of-a-kind weekend getaways, has formed an alliance with Overstock.com, a Web site for name brands at clearance prices. Weekends.com

will power Overstock.com

‘s new travel category with more than 6 million bargain flights.
“Overstock.com`s premise is to deliver terrific savings on everything that consumers buy,” said Chris Loughlin, COO Weekends.com. “With over 6 million bargain fares, solid technology and proven infrastructure, we are able to help Overstock deliver in the travel category.”
Overstock.com, the 28th most visited shopping site in terms of buyers according PCDataOnline, will offer the database of 6 million discount fares to Overstock.com`s reported 6.5 million monthly visitors.
Weekends.com operates an “opaque” pricing system for bargain flights, where customers can select exact travel times but airlines are not disclosed until the consumer has purchased the ticket. In addition, the company offers a full range of published fares, allowing consumers access to seasonal airline specials and full price flight options.
While Overstock.com consumers will benefit from tremendous prices, Weekends.com expects to see a significant increase in its overall volume from the deal, delivering value to its shareholders and suppliers.
Weekends.com plans to roll out further alliances, citing that while Overstock.com is likely to lead on price, other partner sites will have alternative advantages designed to meet their customers’ needs, such as customized a chat service or a focus on business travel.