SWAN, Sceptre Signs with Unirez to Streamline On-Line Reservations - Deal strengthens SWAN`s Applica

Scott W. Anderson, president and c.e.o. of Service World Network Inc. (SWAN), announced a multi-year technology services agreement between Dallas-based Unirez, a provider of Web-based reservation services and Sceptre Hospitality Resources.
Sceptre provides representation and reservation services to more than 115 independent hotels and chains worldwide under the SWAN umbrella.
Under the private-label agreement, Unirez will function as the exclusive provider of reservations technology, voice services and electronic distribution to all of Sceptre`s hotels. Additionally, all Sceptre hotels will be bookable through the Sceptre Hospitality Resources and E-Sceptre Web sites ( www.sceptrehospitality.com and www.esceptre.com ), and through other major alternate distribution channels, including TravelWeb ( www.travelweb.com ). Reservations also can be made to hotels direct via their own proprietary Web site using the Unirez booking engine.
``The Unirez technology back bone is the best I have ever seen,`` Anderson said. ``The most difficult part of managing multiple channels of reservations is using the back-end system interface. Most hotels do not have a seamless two-way interface and must interact with the interface provided from the third-party technology platform. Many of those interfaces are difficult to use, and the hotelier does things on the interface they don`t really understand, causing inventory and rate errors. The user interface with Unirez is so intuitive that even the most novice of users can manage their inventory to increase occupancy and maximize room-rate yield.``
Dwight Hendrickson, Unirez president and c.e.o., said he is delighted to be working with Sceptre and SWAN.
``Sceptre has an excellent, long-standing reputation in the hospitality industry,`` Hendrickson said. ``Now under the leadership of Scott Anderson and the SWAN organization, Sceptre is positioned to become a leading force in the reservation-services business.``
Amanda Dennis, Sceptre V.P., agreed, saying the new services being provided by Unirez and SWAN will set Sceptre apart from its competition. All Sceptre hotels can now enjoy the on-line resources and opportunities enjoyed by large chains, without compromising their independence or paying large royalties, she said.
``Our customers recognize and appreciate Sceptre`s personalized approach to their business, and they count on us to assist them in creating strategies that capitalize on both technological innovation and years of hands-on hotel experience,`` Dennis said. ``Now that Sceptre is a part of the SWAN family of e-business solutions, we can provide our clients with unparalleled technical expertise, as well as experience in all facets of hotel operations. Through our partnership with Unirez, Sceptre has become the best choice for hotels, or groups of hotels, in providing GDS and Internet connectivity.``