Datalex Expands In Asia

Datalexå‘s position in Asia has been strengthened following the opening of their new regional office in Singapore.
The Singapore office joins other Datalex regional headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, and Atlanta, Georgia. Datalex, a leading architect and provider of business solutions for the global airline and travel industry, recognises the Asia-Pacific region as one of the world`s fastest growing regions for business and leisure travel. Datalex`s suite of travel booking products for e-commerce is uniquely positioned to serve the travel suppliers and consumers of the Asia-Pacific region with multi-channel distribution solutions, corporate travel solutions, fares management solutions, leisure travel solutions and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions.
BookIt! FARES, a state-of-the-art fares management system, allows airlines, consolidators and travel agencies in Asia-Pacific to manage their net fares more efficiently, while giving them multi-channel distribution control from a single system configuration. Book It! CONSUMER is a full-featured Java-based Internet booking engine that features customisable user interfaces and powerful host access tools. BookIt! CONSUMER enables the region`s consumers to make air, tour, car and hotel reservations via Internet travel portals.
The Asia-Pacific region also serves as an important centre for tour operators, who manage exciting and complicated travel itineraries for visitors in one of the most culturally diverse markets and the world`s fastest-growing region in terms of online customers. BookIt! TOUR is a comprehensive travel-management system designed for discerning travel wholesalers seeking a solution that addresses their B2B and B2C requirements. Datalex`s premier global travel management system for tour operators and suppliers, BookIt! TOUR provides the flexibility required by Asia-Pacific tour operators to run multiple tour companies and tour brands from a single system configuration and database.