Websites offer tips for business travelers this holiday season…

Some Web sites offer tips on handling holiday rush.
With the holidays, one of the few slack periods of the year for business travel has arrived.
It`s a good time to relax and maybe make a few plans to deal with the rat race more effectively next year. Here are some top Web sites that make life a little easier on the road for business travelers:

Air traffic delay status

The Federal Aviation Administration has accepted partial responsibility for the horrendous traffic jams in the skies that have made this year the worst ever for airline delays.

But the FAA provides a real service with the Air Traffic Control System Command Center Real-time Airport Status site ( It features a map of the United States, with links to click for real-time flight-delay information supplied by air- traffic control centers at about 40 major airports.
Weather report

The Weather Channel`s online site ( is indispensable for seekers of comprehensive weather information. And in a travel health section, a map shows current regional influenza conditions.
The site is a good way to check out the weather anywhere, but also a dandy excuse for whiling away time online in a hotel room.
Business travel tools


A service of Rosenbluth International, a travel-management company, is a convenient and intelligently designed general-purpose Web site for business travelers.
A flight can be arranged here, but other features and links make this site stand out. Among them are fancy high-technology tricks like a service that will page personal assistants and other wireless devices with word that a flight has been delayed.
The site also has news, a map engine, travel alerts and online travel columnists like Christopher Elliott and the irrepressible Joe Brancatelli,.
The Travel Toolkit section has links to two useful online services. One, Flight Tracker, lets a traveler punch in any airline and flight number and get its status or, if the flight is in the air, check its arrival time, altitude, air speed and location.